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Real Women of Memphis: Becky Taylor

I’m so excited to share my next post in this blog series! The purpose for this series is to feature real women of Memphis who have a story to tell. Not alot of fluffy stuff here. While some parts may be encouraging and inspiring, other parts may be downright heartbreaking or challenging. I will share a few pretty photos,
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7 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

Ladies message me all the time asking to book boudoir shoots for many different reasons. Some choose to do them as a gift for their special someone, as something for themselves, or just because they want to celebrate a big event in their lives (beating cancer, losing weight, so many reasons!) Ladies also tell me sometimes they just don’t
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Real Women of Memphis: Maggie Russell

First, let me introduce the idea behind this blog series. After living and working in Memphis for a few years, both as a photographer and a social media strategist for Choose901, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing women. These women are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, aunts, and friends. They are doctors, lawyers, bakers,
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Facebook Friday: February 20th, 1-5pm

Need a new profile photo for Facebook or other social media? Come to Amanda Hill Photography (2553 Broad Ave) on Friday 2/20 from 1pm-5pm for Facebook Friday! All you have to do is show up, check into the studio on Facebook, and get your photo taken. Limit 5-10 mins per headshot. Final images will be uploaded
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Voted Best Photographer in Memphis

I am so honored and excited to win the 2014 Best Photographer in Memphis award from Yelp! I’m so thankful to you all for your support and to my husband Jonathan for being my biggest cheerleader. You can see the full list of winners here. I also want to give major props to Isabella Allen for my
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Katherine Benson: Headshots

I had the opportunity to create some fresh and fun headshots for Katherine Benson of Bella Baxter Events this past summer. Katherine and I worked on two weddings this year and they were a blast! You can see those sneak peeks here and here. (One of those weddings is featured in the next issue of
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Holiday Gift Card Special

For a limited time you can grab an extra special gift card for yourself, your wife, fiance, friend, or mother-to-be, just in time for Christmas! Until midnight 12/1/14 anyone who purchases a gift card will receive an extra 25% added onto their gift card! (So if you purchase a $200 gift card, you will receive a
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My iPhone6 Review

I am a pretty big Apple fanatic, and have been a Apple user since 2006 with my very first Macbook. I got the my first iPhone in 2009, and ever since then I’ve been a loyal fan. So when the new iPhone6 was announced, I knew my contract was up and I needed to upgrade.
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Exploring the Historic US Marine Hospital

Today I had the chance to explore the US Marine Hospital for a blog post over at Choose901, and I could have stayed here for hours! I’m in love with the building, the history, and the fact that people here in Memphis are working really hard to renovate it and turn it into something awesome.
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Memphis Storm Time Lapse

Today I decided to try my hand at a time lapse video. Ever since I upgraded from the iPhone4 to the iPhone6, I’ve been itching to try this new ios8 feature. There was a storm rolling in, so I set my phone up for about an hour and this is what I caught: Have you
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